Estate Planning

Everyone has an estate plan.  It is either the one you designed and wanted or the default plan of the state in which you live.  That’s not the plan you would have wanted.

Without a plan, you lose control and miss opportunities for your family.

Avoid the time, cost, and loss of privacy and control.

Approach the future with anticipation rather than apprehension.


Benefits of Estate Planning

Prevent Family Conflict

Avoid Probate

Distribute Assets How You Want

Reduce or Eliminate 40% Estate Taxes

Protect Children from Creditors & Predators

Plan for Education

Protect Your Business & Assets

Pass Down Your Values

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Essential Components

Revocable Living Trust

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Eliminate probate and the need for conservatorship court proceedings for all assets in the Revocable Living Trust.  With a properly drafted Revocable Living Trust you can direct the disposition of your assets to the family and friends of your choosing.

A built-in Credit Shelter Trust reduces or eliminates estate taxes and provides asset protection. A Credit Shelter Trust also protects your surviving spouse and children from creditors, predators, in-laws & outlaws.

For your children, a built-in Common Trust or several Separate Trusts protect from divorce, poor money management, lawsuits & creditors.

Durable Power of Attorney


When you sign a general power of attorney, you authorize someone to manage financial matters on your behalf in the event that you are unable to do so yourself. That’s a lot of responsibility to sign over to someone.

You need to pick someone who is trustworthy, someone who will act in your best interests.

But you also want to choose someone to can handle the responsibility of managing the assets you’ve accumulated during your life. You wouldn’t ask your 18 year-old child to run your business, would you?

Medical Power of Attorney


When you need medical care, doctors need permission. 

Hospitals will require a signed document authorizing a third person to decide on your behalf.

  • Who do you trust with your life?

  • Who can be easily reached when needed?

  • Who will follow your wishes?

HIPAA Authorization


HIPAA regulations are there to ensure privacy for your medical records.  

But if something happens to you or your spouse, you want to be able to quickly and easily access medical records to get you care.

With a HIPAA Authorization your key family members can be informed of your condition and can provide the medical team with the information they need.

What Happens If I Don’t Have a Living Trust?


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College Fund Concept

 Flexible Funding for College, Then Grad School

Educational Trusts

Every parent is concerned about the escalating costs of college and post-graduate education for younger family members, and how these costs may impact their overall financial and estate planning objectives. An Educational Trust can pay for educational expenses and solve income tax issues.

You’ve probably read about so-called 529 plans. They are estate tax free, income tax free, and in some states protected from creditors. But a 529 Plan alone has stiff penalties if one child does use it and the other needs more funds for medical school or law school.

A 529 Plan combined with an Educational Trust provides more flexibility to move assets between siblings (the one in medical school will need more money), and just as importantly, provides a smooth transition should you become incapacitated or die. Further, should you experience a financial emergency, the funds can be returned to you.

Whether you are a parent with future educational obligations for your young ones, or perhaps a loving aunt, uncle, grandparent, or stepparent, state education savings plans provide at least part of the answer. And the other part is this: With a carefully-crafted Educational Trust, you can now control that 529 Plan as an asset of this specially designed planning instrument.

Long-Term Care & Health Care Planning


Liquidity When You Need Long-Term Care

The aging, healthcare and special needs conversation is vitally important to you and your family.

Except for government employees and Social Security, retirement plans that pay death benefits until death are pretty much a thing of the past. Plus, people today are living longer.

Yet retirees’ need for income that is sustainable and that they will not outlive is unchanged. Adding to the problem, the cost of healthcare continues to rise more rapidly than inflation and is now one of retirements’ biggest expenses.

Increases in longevity and starting families later means that many people who are nearing retirement age today also have responsibilities to their parents and their children. In addition, two major bear markets and historically low interest rates have taken a toll on many people’s retirement savings.

For all these reasons, many people today are understandably concerned about how they will make it through their retirement years.

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