Business Umbrella System

Prevent Lawsuits & Bankruptcy

Business owners often fail become targets for lawsuits because they don’t keep required business records.

But if they fail to take care of their business, they face a multitude of risks, from losing legal and tax protections to outright economic losses.

Our expert attorneys take the burden of maintaining business compliance out of your hands, allowing you to enjoy the protection of a sturdy business umbrella.


Your Responsibilities as a Business Owner

Keep Minutes of Annual Meetings
File Reports with Secretary of State
Document Changes in Ownership Structure

Protect Personal Non-Business Assets
Reduce IRS Audit Risk

Keep CPA & Financial Advisor Informed
Prepare for Partner’s Disability
Prevent a Sale to Outsiders

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

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Benefits of the Business Umbrella System

Plaintiffs try to access to your personal assets if your business records are not properly maintained. 

The Business Umbrella System is a proven way to outsource your business compliance and governance to experts.  



Provide Asset Protection

Your business entity provides you tremendous opportunities for asset protection and estate planning.

Business Umbrella helps you stay on top of the ever-changing legal and tax landscape, so you can take advantage of all the planning strategies available to your business.

If you abide by business rules you can use your LLC, corporation or partnership to save taxes, to dramatically improve the protection of your assets, and to increase the effectiveness of your estate plan.


Required Business Compliance

They’re are more than 80 reasons why courts allow business owners to be held personally liable for their business conduct even though they legitimately created a corporation, LLC or limited partnership.

The plaintiffs lawyer always asks for the corporate records first to see if they can get to the personal assets of business owners.

There is a renewed and this is on holding business officers and owners personally accountable to the required of business governance.

Business Umbrella outsources business compliance to our expert attorneys so you can focus on business.

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Documentation of Key Changes

One of the most obvious requirements of business governance is documentation.  These include every major business activity, minutes of meetings, records of company loans, or significant business decisions.

If challenged by litigation or an IRS audit, business owners must be able to demonstrate a paper trail of business compliance, including:

  • Prevents lawsuits by maintaining corporate veil

  • Decreases IRS audit risks

  • Updates business documents and annual report filings

Many More Features

  • Update governing documents to comply with state law

  • Registered agents:  Keep your name private

  • Unlimited prep of meeting minutes & notices

  • Filing periodic reports requires by the State

  • Unlimited asset retitling & transfer to business

  • Help adjusting to new business strategy

  • Help adjusting to changed family circumstances

  • Help adjusting to changed financial circumstances

  • Continual renewal of legal language in documents

  • Annual tax filing support

  • Cost effective and accurate

  • Manages paperwork

  • Price stability guaranteed annually

  • Coordinates tax planning

  • Allows you to stay focused on business