Business Structuring

Buy-Sell Agreements

Buy-Sell Agreements

Partners will retire, will want to sell their share, may pass away or become disabled.

Without a plan, disputes are inevitable.

Every business partnership, LLC & corporation needs a plan, developed in advance, including solutions for each triggering event that can lead to dispute.

A Buy-Sell Agreement will prepare your business for events that impact your interest in the business.

Business Umbrella System

Business Umbrella System

Prevent Lawsuits & Bankruptcy

Business owners often fail become targets for lawsuits because they don’t keep required business records.

But if they fail to take care of their business, they face a multitude of risks, from losing legal and tax protections to outright economic losses.

Our expert attorneys take the burden of maintaining business compliance out of your hands, allowing you to enjoy the protection of a sturdy business umbrella.

Business Exit Planning

Business Exit Planning

Everybody ventrally leaves the business. Either voluntarily or involuntarily.

Retirement, disability or death are sure to come.

Preserve business value when you sell it, pass it on to family, or transfer it to key employees.

Only 30% survive into the 2nd generation.

Only 15% survive into the 3rd generation.