Asset Protection Planning

Fight off creditors, predators, in-laws & outlaws.

Asset protection is essential in today’s lawsuit culture.

Asset Protection Planning helps structure your assets & business correctly so you can shield your golden goose.

Discourage lawsuits from the outset.

Avoid liability traps & maintain control of your assets.


Asset Protection Planning

Liability, Liability, Liability!


Professional Liability

Doctors, dentists, real estate investors and many other professionals are frequent targets for lawsuits.

Malpractice lawsuits can cripple your practice and waste precious treasure. Asset protection reduces the chance of a lawsuit.  If a plaintiff knows they won’t get anything, they are less likely to sue.

Liabilities of your Partner

Protect your personal assets and the business from liability that is brought on by a partner or other shareholder in your practice. An LLC or Corporation is only a first step.

Limit their ability to reach your business assets and keep them away from your personal assets.

Personal Liabilities

These include liabilities for business deals (for example real estate) that have gone bad and tort claims (such as for car accidents).

In any business there could be non-professional liability claims based on employment practices, alleged employment discrimination, and alleged sexual harassment, to name just a few.

General Liabilities

Everyone is exposed to general liabilities that can cause their assets to be at risk.

These include liability for unpaid income and estate taxes; the behavior of children and their spouses, which can lead to loss of family assets; co-signing a loan or mortgage with a relative or another who defaults or has a judgment filed against them; or a car accident or other accident.

Doctors as an Example

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How Often Medical Malpractice Suits are Filed
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Doctors Who Settle
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